History and Service

IRCNow started as one man business. At first all IRCNow Servers had “Fruit-Names” like thunderIRC.net was first fig.ircnow.org. More Information about the Servers, you’ll find on https://wiki.ircnow.org/index.php?n=Ircnow.Servers. This Host will still be available for not confusing the users.

We offer FREE BNC-Service, so if youre interested join channel #ircnow and request your Bouncer there. IRCNow offers also FREE shells, you can request one in channel #shell.

Also a goal of thunderIRC is, to find more Helpers (Sysadmins and OP’s of Liberty), give them a good training, and look, that they can help new users as well.

If you are interested to become an IRC-Oper and want to start your training, please join channel #thunderIRC on our Server and ask Chewbakka85 (aka Chewy), bogani, zas or jrmu.

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